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BrewScript is an Open Source program to give you all the information you need for your homebrew recipe. Developed by Brian Miller. Source is released under GPLv3. For more information about this application, visit SourceForge. The hop/grain database is sourced from Brewtarget. Formulas for grain/mash/hop calculations from John Palmer's "How To Brew". Sparge calulations from Brew 365. Sparge calculations assume 13% grain absorption and that you will loose one half gallon during the lauter and another half during the sparge. You may need to increase this based on your system.
This calculator will do all the math for your brew day. All entries update the corresponding fields when one is changed. The results section provides all the information for your mash and boil. Selecting "Sync to server" will store your data on the server using a key to identify yourself. When this is enabled, the "Save" function will update the server with your recipe data. If this option is not selected, all data is stored in the browser cache. Clearing your browser cache (such as clearing your history) will wipe out your data, unless it is synced to the server.

This is a work in development. Use at your own risk.
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Pretty much every field on the page
Infusion Calculations including step infusions.
Gravity and IBU calculations.
SRM calculations.
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BU/GU has 7 ratings:
  *overly malty
  *extra malty
  *slightly malty
  *slightly hoppy
  *extra hoppy
  *overly hoppy
Note: The "overly malty" and "overly hoppy" ratings may result in undrinkable beer.

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